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New series L vibration welded from Frigopoint

Russian plant components of the refrigeration Frigopoint began serial production of the new L-series welded vibration dampers FP-VAL . When the manufacturer applies the technology of welding copper-steel Cu-St FP Weld™ .
Модель Габаритные размеры Соединение Макс. рабочее давление, МПа
Давление разрыва, МПа
L, мм Ø D, мм l, мм Ø d ODS, дюйм
FP-VAL-012 230 18 10 1/2 4,5 22,5
FP-VAL-058 255 20 15 5/8 4,5 22,5
FP-VAL-034 255 27 15 3/4 4,5 22,5
FP-VAL-078 290 32 20 7/8 4,5 22,5
FP-VAL-118 330 38 20 1 1/8 4,2 21,0
FP-VAL-138 375 50 20 1 3/8 3,8 19,0
Рабочая температура -40…+150 ⁰С
Допустимая температура перегрева при монтаже +1200 ⁰С
Охлаждение не требуется
Метод соединения патрубка Сварка Cu-St FP Weld™
Материал патрубков Медь С12200
Материал гофрротрубы Сталь нержавеющая AISI304
Материал оплетки Сталь нержавеющая AISI304
Профиль гофротрубы U-тип
Сертификат ЕАС  
Сертификат СЕ DECL FP
Technical characteristics of the L-series vibration dampers remained at the same level, the main difference is the new less resource-intensive design of vibration dampers, which became possible thanks to the new technology of welding of dissimilar thin-walled dissimilar metals – Cu-St FP Weld™ .
A distinctive feature of the vibration dampers FP-VAL is the complete absence of solder, all connections are welded by machines, ensuring the stability of product quality.
During installation it is possible to cool the tube of the vibration damper, because the technology of welding Cu-St FP Weld forms a high strength compound with a melting point of over 1200 ° C.
The new L series will go on sale in November 2017.
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