Brand Story «FRIGOPOINT®»

Brand Story «FRIGOPOINT®» begins in Russia since 2000, when the studio assembly refrigeration group of associates was organized manufacture of pressure vessels receivers refrigerant for use in cooling systems .

Then we were just learning to develop and produce a quality product , properly control processes , to build partnerships with our customers throughout the former USSR.

Full-blown way out brand «FRIGOPOINT®» the Russian market took place in 2013 , we have continued the tradition of the past and having more than 10 years of experience in development and production, as before create products of the highest quality .

In addition to the presence of " traditional range " product line appeared innovative components now under TM «FRIGOPOINT®» presented and electronic devices and Valves .

We are constantly searching for innovative solutions in products and technologies while remaining true to the image and the quality level TM «FRIGOPOINT®».

We are constantly making a lot of effort and absolutely convinced that any products TM «FRIGOPOINT®» will always meet the high requirements of our customers.