I purchased your products, namely reusable cylinders for collecting freon.
Please add to the description the connection diagram for the cylinder and the explanation on which tap there is a tube to the bottom.

On the valve handle caps there is the inscription liquid - liquid and vapor - steam. There are also marks above the V-vapor-steam and L-liquid-fluid service fittings.


Hello! Question about the oil separator FP-OS-45-258. I can not understand he has a port for connecting a safety valve (PC) or not (and if there is then what size is connecting)?
Hello, oil separators FP-OS-45-258 do not have a safety valve port.


Hello! I design a central on three Bitzer HSN7461-70 compressors (mode: -33C / 45C, with economizer, freon -R507A). According to the oil separator selection graphs in the Frigopoint catalog, two oil separators are suitable: FP-OS-45-258, or FP-OS-40-218. Which oil separator is better to take for this task?
Hello, for screw compressors, incl. Bitzer HSN7461-70 is recommended to use cyclone oil separators FP-OS-40-218, FP-OS-80-318 and FP-OS-200-418.
We also recommend double-checking that the selection is correct, since The FP-OS-40-218 is equivalent in performance to the FP-OS-25, due to the fact that cyclone oil separators are combined (oil separator and oil sump) and the oil is separated only in half the capacity ie. in volume ~ 20 l.


I can not get through.

Try +7 (4722) 23-12-72. Or leave your details we will contact you


Good day. Tell me, please, the color of the RAL receiver Frigopoint FP-LR-250,0 (blue)

Answer: RAL5017


Hello. We apply your receivers. There was a need to saugkumirovat receiver FR-LR12.5 to 5 mm. Hg Art. (0,0068 kgf / cm.kv.). Will he maintain such a vacuum?

Answer: Yes.


Hello, tell me, is it planned to release controllers of similar FP-MC-23EM but with defrost by reverse cycle and control of the condenser fan?


Please tell me the difference: FP-ERL3 + BB oil level regulators from FP-ERL3 + BBL
Different length. FP-BB - 34 mm, with BBL - 44 mm


Hello, is it possible to use oil separators Type B and Type C for an air compressor. Will they work in these conditions?

Hello, the components manufactured by Freepoint are designed for cooling and conditioning systems. Therefore, we can not recommend the use of oil separators for systems with an air compressor.


Good afternoon, tell me please. Your equipment in particular receiver and oil separators can work with R410a? If so, what is their working pressure?

Hello, the FP-LR (MP), FP-AS (MP), FP-OS (MP) and FP-OR (MP) oil separators with a working pressure of 45 bar are designed for use in systems with R410a, refrigerant. Vessels are certified for the vehicle.


Specify the maximum weight (piston compressor) that the horizontal receiver will withstand when installing the compressor on top of the receiver? The answer, it is desirable, on the models of receivers.

Hello Colleague, pay attention to the design of the stand of the horizontal receiver, which is designed in such a way that transfers the load to the lower platform and does not load the hull of the vessel at all. 
FP-LRH-12,0;16,0 - 150 кг FP-LRH-25,0 - 250 кг FP-LRH-40,0 - 350 кг FP-LRH-70,0 - 450 кг
Also recall the need for mandatory installation of vibration between the compressor and the vessel.


Hello! I teach refrigeration and air-conditioning in Novosibirsk, and the big problem is the lack of real equipment, for demonstration and recommendations for calculations. The dissected (cut) elements of the refrigeration systems are made from broken equipment and, accordingly, the most represented companies. But on the other hand this is the same advertisement of these companies. As an advertisement in Novosibirsk with my participation there was a technical center from Danfoss, you can see on their website. Your equipment is presented to us on the market poorly and frankly speaking, the broken items to me did not fall in the same way, in which there is even greater interest in demonstrating and learning to work with your components, not only in words, but also live exhibits. I ask for your assistance.

Answer: Yes, we are also open to cooperation and are always happy to help science. Send your contact information (name, phone) and a list of necessary components (the catalog can be downloaded on the site) at info@frigopoint.com.


Добрый день! Подскажите, можно ли заказать сосуды (ресиверы, отделители жидкости и масла) Вашего производства со стальными (а не медными) присоединительными патрубками?

Здравствуйте, да конечно. Такие изделия изготавливаются по индивидуальному заказу. Ваш запрос Вы можете отправить на info@frigopoint.com


Hello. Our company is engaged in assembling and selling refrigeration units, in which we use FRIGOPOINT equipment. Tell me, is there a database of 3D drawings in the resolution of DWG (autocad) on your products: vessels, linear elements, etc.? If there is, then what should be done to access this database?

Answer: Unfortunately, the database exists only in .stp format. You can download it at http://frigopoint.com/blog/2017/05/fp-predlagaet-3d-modeli-komponentov-holodilnoj-tehniki-frigopoint-v-otkrytom-dostupe



Provide information on the volume of the pre-filling with oil for the oil separators: FP-OS-2,0-012 FP-OS-2,0-058 FP-OS-3,5-078 FP-OS-3,5-118 FP-OS- 5,0-118 FP-OS-5,0-138 FP-OS-7,0-138 FP-OS-7,0-158 FP-OS-12-218 FP-OS-12-258 FP-OS- 25-218 FP-OS-25-258 FP-OS-45-218 FP-OS-45-258. 

Good afternoon!
Thank you for your interest in the activities of our company. We are pleased to inform you that recommended pre-filling of the oil separators (data are based on groupings by model):

FP-OS-2,0-012; FP-OS-2,0-058; FP-OS-3,5-078; FP-OS-3,5-118 - 0,5 liters.

FP-OS-5,0-118; FP-OS-5,0-138 - 1,0 liters.

FP-OS-7,0-138; FP-OS-7,0-158 - 1,5 liters.

FP-OS-12,0-218; FP-OS-12,0-258 - 1,75 liters.

FP-OS-25,0-218; FP-OS-25,0-258 - 2,5 liters.

FP-OS-45,0-218; FP-OS-45,0-258 - 5,0 liters.



Q: Please pay attention to the fact that the selection of the oil receiver to the Vessel, the report displays volumetric compressor capacity with the dimension kW.

ANSWER: Due to the fact that the software runs the alpha testing stage, there may be some slight roughness when using this programmoy.Vashi comments have been sent to the curator of the product, we apologize for temporary inconvenience.

QUESTION: It is also a possibility of selection of receiver hladageta compensatory interest will be?

A: 98% of the products manufactured by FRIGOPOINT belongs to the category of serial, so please contact through established channels or directly to the query about the possibility of non-standard products.

QUESTION: I understand that at the moment there is an opportunity to pick up the receiver with a full refrigerant charge reception?

Answer: Indeed, this is a possibility to select the option you want is enough.

QUESTION: Is Completed oil separators type A TEN'om thermostat and heating oil?

ANSWER: Currently, we are producing the selection of suppliers of components through testing obraztsov.Nadeemsya granted that we will be able to announce these components by the end of this year.

QUESTION: I would also like to see the collapsible oil separators of cyclone type your production for piston refrigeration Centrals.

ANSWER: Because Your device is not a mass market, so in the near future we do not plan the formulation of a series of similar produktov.Esche just want to draw your attention to the fact that for us as manufacturers interested in products that are always in strong demand, wearing massive.


Good afternoon. I want to draw your attention that in VesSel Online, the selection of the receivers is impossible to put a negative value in the evaporating temperature cell

Hello. In the near times during our programmers will fix this mistake, thank you for your participation in the beta testing.


Good afternoon. I work as a design engineer in the company for the production of refrigeration units and we constantly use your komplektuyuschie.Problema faced by the person I - No 3d model of your equipment for further use in the design development. Is it possible to get the models in .stp format or at least more detailed drawings of the equipment than you have in the directory? Thanks in advance.

Please send a request to the Official letterhead of your company at the address info@frigopoint.com, indicating the models that you need and we prepare and them to you.


Hello! Can refrigerant receivers operate on R 410A refrigerant?


         Vessels, manufactured under the trademark FP certified in accordance with the requirements of TR CU 032/2013 and are designed to work with refrigerants - working media group 2 in accordance with the classification of TR CU 032/2013. And as Freon R-410A refer to this group, and all the vessels and apparatus TM FP can be used with R-410A refrigerant within the parameters of allowable operating pressures. The design pressure for the standard range of vessels and apparatuses TM FP is 2.8 MPa.
         Please note that the estimated value of the pressure can not be less than the maximum allowable pressure. If you design refrigeration unit with single-stage compression cycle, single-stage throttling and air-cooled condenser, when used as a refrigerant R-410A is necessary to take the calculated value of the maximum pressure a refrigerant receiver is not less than 3.8 MPa (38 bar).
         For such pressures, our factory produces special series of vessels and safety valves, initially designed for the operating pressure of 4.5 MPa (45 bar) and this is a worldwide practice, the use of receptacles with a working pressure of 4.5 MPa for refrigerants R-410A and of CO2 (subcritical. ) .Such vascular model (and more information) you can ask our distributors or directly to the factory.


Good day. The question on the selection of the separator:
1. On the diagram contains the volumetric efficiency of the compressor ie volumetric flow compressor or a theoretical volumetric flow rate in the discharge circuit? 2.Maslootdeliteli B and C or a conventional cyclone type?
Thanks for the answer.

1. The chart contains the bulk supply of compressor technical data of the manufacturer.
2. Yes. Oil separators B and C - a conventional type.


Hello! I have installed on the refrigerator FP-MC-11BT control unit, but I have no instructions to him. In particular I am interested in setting it. Thank you. With respect, Dmitry

Hello, Dmitry, instructions to the controllers FP-MC-11BT and FP-MC-23BT added to the relevant sections of the technical documentation (http://frigopoint.com/ru/docs/pressure-vessels/compressor-controller and http: // frigopoint .com / ru / docs / pressure-vessels / refrigeration-system-controller).


Hello, please tell me how the system should look like: us on a horizontal receiver 250l need to put two safety valves, respectively, need a switching valve. It is screwed directly to the receiver or adapter is needed? The valves are screwed directly into the valve or with an adapter?

It all depends on the switching valve that you are going to use. The parameters of the switching valve should be as follows Rotalock UNF 1 1/4 "(port of the safety valve on the container) NPT 3/8" (connection safety valve) NPT 3/8 "(connection safety valve). In this case, the adapters is not required.
P.S .: diverter valve FP-TV-114-038 with these parameters is currently being tested, is expected to release 06/2016, which will be announced in the news.


Good afternoon. Tell me, what thread output goes to your new reusable bottles for R22? SAE 1/4 or propane cylinders nga?

In refrigeration cylinders on top of the installed socket with internal tapered threads 17E according to the standard EN ISO 11363-1: 2010. This type of thread is standard for the installation of filling valves (for multiple Freon cylinders) with safety valves.


Hello what is a weight of pressure sensor FP-PT-40AL?

Weight Sensor FP-PT-40AL - 200 g
Bear in mind that in 2016 sensors FP-PT-40AL is no longer available and are replaced by sensors FP-PT-35A. Weight FP-PT-35A - 65 g, FP-PT-35B - 77 g.


All the vessels type C 10.0 liters have four mounting holes or groove, and where the dimensions and diameters of these holes or slots?

Welcome drawings stands for receivers can be downloaded here.
Drawings stands for separators here.

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