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Farmina and Frigopoint seminars in Yekaterinburg


Farmina and Frigopoint seminars in Yekaterinburg
Company Farmina and the Russian plant components of the refrigeration Frigopoint hold joint seminars in Yekaterinburg and invited technical experts and managers to visit. The seminars will feature equipment from the following companies:
- Frigopoint
- Danfoss
- Lu-ve
- Lloyd
- Sest
- Bock
- Onda
Seminar in Yekaterinburg
Date: February 16, 2018. Beginning at 9:00.
Place: GRK "AVS Hotel": g. Ekaterinburg, Respublikanskaya street 1A
Entry to the seminar: Elena Denisova 8 495 787 87 43 /
Seminar topic:
Manufacturing and technology, plant OP.
The pressure vessels: receivers, liquid separators.
The oil return line: oil separators, oil receivers, differential valves, oil filters, Arumy.
Linear components: vibration of Rotalock valves, relief valves, filters.
Automation: relays, level control, ERV, the controller of the refrigeration cycle, pressure sensors.
Products 2018/19: recoverye station, controller panel, speed controller, control relay.
OOO "Danfoss»
New products and solutions Danfoss. Their main advantages in comparison with other manufacturers.
LU-VE Russia
Commercial range of equipment Luve. New model. Manufacturing capabilities Luve in Lipetsk.
Industrial air coolers. Special air coolers and their application.
Irrigation system: an innovative solution Emeritus.
The calculation program Luve. The main features and opportunities.
Heat transfer equipment Lloyd.
SEST heat exchangers.
The fans are ebmpapst.
Updated lineup: new series of semi-hermetic compressors HG44e and HG56e.
The experience of using the new series of compressors HG44e and HG88e.
ONDA Russia
General presentation of the model range of heat transfer equipment.
New model of HONDA plant (shell and tube, plate, t/o).
Examples of operating features of the application.
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