EEV (electronic expansion valves)

The electronic expansion valve is designed to inject refrigerant into the evaporators of refrigeration units and close the liquid lines as a solenoid valve. The valve is driven by an electric drive. The valve is controlled by the FP-MC-23EM refrigerating system controller via a PWM signal of alternating duty cycle. HFCs, CFCs, HCFC refrigerants can be used as a working medium. The number giving an idea of ​​the performance is included in the type designation. This number indicates the number of the nozzle insertion. Node nozzle insert is replaceable.
Model Out In
FP-ERV-2 12 10
FP-ERV-3 10 12
FP-ERV-4 10 12
FP-ERV-5 10 12
FP-ERV-6 10 12
FP-ERV-7 10 12
FP-ERV-8 10 12
FP-ERV-1 12 10

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