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EVAJET – solution for refrigeration rooms

EVAJET control system for refrigeration rooms.

The electronic control system consists of:
  • FP-ERV0…8 . Electronic control vent pedestal including a nozzle ;
  •  FP-MC-23-EM. Driver-controller with 3 discrete forest relays (compressor control, fan control, need), 1 semester output (AR control), 3 analog who for temperature check mark (camera temperature, panel temperature, PAL input temperature), 1 analog input for pressure sensor, 1 programmer input discretion ;
  • 3 temperature mite.
  • FP-PT-10. Pressure sensor.
Functional this set corresponds to the "classical" system :
  • Solenoid Vinyl
  • Controller
  • Pressure switch risky
All technical information can be downloaded on the company's website:
EVAJET-overheat control technology >>>
FP-ERV. ERW >>> >
FP-ERV. ERV instruction >>>
FP-MC-23EM. The controller of the refrigeration cycle>>>
FP-MC-23EM. Instruction>>>
FP-PT-10. Pressure sensor>>>
FP-PT-10. Instruction>>>