FP: new products 2018. part 2 | News

FP: new products 2018. part 2

In 2018, the Russian plant of refrigeration components Frigopoint continues to acquaint readers with changes in the nomenclature of 2018.
Differential valve FP-DV-038-35
New serial differential check valve for oil return line with factory setting of 3.5 bar differential pressure.

A series of vibration dampers VAL
Russian plant of refrigeration components Frigopoint began serial production of a new series L welded vibration dampers FP-VAL . When the manufacturer applies the technology of welding copper-steel Cu-St FP Weld™ .

Technical characteristics of the L-series vibration dampers remained at the same level, the main difference is the new less resource-intensive design of vibration dampers, which became possible thanks to the new technology of welding of dissimilar thin-walled dissimilar metals – Cu-St FP Weld™ .
A distinctive feature of FP-VAL vibration dampers from competitors is the complete absence of solder, all connections are made by welding machines, which ensures the stability of product quality.

! Attention from 01.01.2012 all connecting dimensions (oil separators, liquid separators, vibration dampers )1 5/8 " = 42 mm.