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New OEM packaging

The Russian plant of refrigeration components Frigopoint goes to a new packaging for OEM manufacturers. Packing is a dense termoyadernoi wrap and Styrofoam lodgements.

Packaging is carried out on a new conveyor packaging line.

Vessels produced from 15.03.2018 will be shipped in OEM packaging by default.

Packaging changed for the following models:

Refrigerant receivers:

FP-LR-1,0; FP-LR-1,6; FP-LR-2,5; FP-LR-4,0; FP-LR-6,3; FP-LR-8,0; FP-LR-10,0;

FP-LR-12,0; FP-LR-16,0;

Oil receivers:

FP-OR-5,0; FP-OR-8,0; FP-OR-12,0; FP-OR-16,0; FP-OR-25,0

Oil/liquid separators:

FP-OS/AS-2,0; FP-OS/AS-3,5; FP-OS/AS-5,0; FP-OS/AS-7,0; FP-AS-9,0 FP-OS/AS-12,0;

Oil filters:


Vibration damper:

VA series and VAL Series – heat shrink only.

(!) Attention to order products in cardboard boxes in the order you must specify Retail packaging, prices are different.

(!) Attention pallet norms will change, new pallet norms will be announced additionally