New safety valve FP-SV (MP) -038 (for R410A) | News

New safety valve FP-SV (MP) -038 (for R410A)

The Russian refrigeration components factory Frigopoint announces the launch of the production of safety valves for linear vessels MP - FP-SV (MP) -038 with a nominal pressure of 45 bar.
Valve specifications are presented below.
Parameters Value
Type Linear safety valve
Type of drive Mechanical
Nominal pressure, MPa 4,5
Factory set (Рн), MPa 4,8
Working media temperature, С -50…+150
Working media HFC, HCFC
Hermetic class В
Working area, mm2 19,6
Working range 0,93Рн…1,07Рн
Closing range 0,4Зн…Рн
Allowable outside pressure* Atmospheric
Weight, kg 0,16

The safety valve has undergone development work and testing. Products launched into serial production. Frigopoint factory accepts orders for the safety valve FP-SV (MP) -038.