Available electronic version of the catalog "pressure vessels in 2014."

The catalog provides current technical information on the range of vessels produced by the FRIGOPOINT ®:

Tests of vessels FRIGOPOINT

In order to ascertain the strength characteristics of neovascularization welding and inspection technologies have been tested for discontinuity zhidkootdeliteli FP-AS-1,4-22 FP-AS-3-19,0. Both vessels were manufactured by the company adopted the technology and have been tested for strength and tightness. Water supply and sealing vessels in the pipes were soldered fitting.

Congratulations on your recent holidays

Congratulations on your recent holidays and offers you a wide range of products, from the familiar to you earlier - pressure vessels to the electronic components of the refrigerant circuit.

Added instruction on a series of dampers VA

Section technical documentation added instructions on welded series dampers VA.

Annual testing sight glass Frigopoint

Control department has tested excessive pressure and can report that the sight glass «FRIGOPOINT ®» withstand pressure up to 150 bar.

Annual testing of receptacles Frigopoint

Control department conducted annual testing of excessive pressure and can report that the vessel Frigopoint retained its characteristics up to 100 atm, which is better than last year. This was made possible thanks to the introduction of a new automatic system welds and automated manufacturing system shells.

Individual testing of pressure vessels

Each vessel passes Frigopoint® individual test pressure of 40 bar opresovochnoy chamber. This minimizes the number of marriage products

New section valves

We are pleased to announce that the linear section of the catalog components added information about valving. Technical specifications can be found in this section. Make calculations of cold supply, pick up system components, you can by using our Vessel Base or its online version Vessel Online

Updated History

In section mission information added. In this section you can discover the history Frigopoint®., Since its inception c plant and till today.

Updated mission

In section mission information added. In this section you can get acquainted with the objectives Frigopoint®